Put in your st. patty's orders now.

Ok so I am rolling out all the St. patrick's day cookie cutters and making sure I have green coloring....... I am making a list, checking it twice..... No it's not Santa Claus, it's the Bakess (named by my husband). If you would like to put in an order for Cookies, Cupcakes, or any other special treats. Send me an email at misschelley@gmail.com.


Rachel said...

ooo..good idea! I just got a surprise order tonight for red velvet cupcakes for tomorrow..thank God I have those down pat now!

gardentomato said...

Hi Chelle! I just found your blog...very cute!

Seeing the invitation, Rich is requesting that you make cookies. Lots of cookies. ;)


katetreick said...

I'm in awe of people who are good at baking. That is not one of my gifts! Have fun decorating! :)