He WAS smiling....

This is Silas my good friend Bre's litte boy, I promise on a normal basis this little guy laughs and smiles at me, but for this picture he just looked freaked out. "Who is this lady, and why are you letting her hold me mom?". Also on another note, you can see I have new hair. Both the hair and the picture were stolen from bre. (Thank you!)


Bre - said...

... and BOTH are adorable!!! Even if I do say so myself :-) ~ Love you ~

Bre - said...

P.S. I LOVE the new layout, by the way!!! ;-)

Rachel said...

I love the layout! Would love to see more of those wedding pics!

Lisa Evans said...

Hello most Beautiful Michelle!!

It is soo good to see you, even if it is just a photo on the internet! lol!!! It is so amazing to see some of your wedding photos!! they look absolutle Beautiful! I am soo happy for you and with that I was there to experience life with you. I thank God every day for putting you in my life and wish that I could see you more often, maybe again soon :)

I am doing really well, I moved out of home last year and am settling into a really good church. I am really enjoying it. I am working as a massage therapist, of which I completed my study last year, and have started studying nursing at the begining of this year :) I am really loving it and feel such a peace that it is what God wants me to do.

I have a photo of you you on my desk from when we went 'out to tea' and it is such a great memory for me.

I love you so much Michelle and am praying for you that you feel the abundant blessing of God today :)

with lots of love
Lisa Evans oxox

Mommy's Turn said...

What a cutie-pie baby boy! Your hair looks beautiful!

Andie Johnson said...

Yay! Love your new hair! Hey, we need to do something special for you know who before they go to the big lake in the midwest. Call me soon. Love!