Art Walk San Diego

This coming weekend (April 26th and 27th) is Artwalk in Little Italy, San Diego. Paul will be featuring some of his latest work. On another note, these paintings are up at Vincent's Sirinos on Grand Avenue in Escondido till the end of the month and are some of my favorites. I would also like to add that here at Ryker Illustrations were are joining the 21st century and are able to accept all credit cards, including american express ; ) Paul and I are very excited, we even swiped our card for 1 penny to "practice."
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Bre said...

Michelle, I still LOVE these paintings. I think, if all of this escrow stuff really does wrap up soon, my Paul may even let me get a Paul Ryker original!!! I'm really excited. ... and, if that happens, I want to play with the credit card machine, too!!!

Rachel said...

Ok...I need those pear paintings! They would look amazing in my kitchen! Send me some price info!

Bre said...

-k- Found your tracker ... (Nice and hidden, Michelle!) I sent you an email, too, but you can disregard the part about the tracker ;-) I love you!

Andie Johnson said...

i definitely want to meet up if time permits! let me know your schedule. or i will just stalk you and find you down there. will your credit card machine be there too?