The Mothers in my life....

This are some of the women in my life, who happen to me mothers, that have helped mold and shape the woman I am today and becoming. My Mom, Christy: She has such a beautiful heart. I can talk to her about anything. She can make me laugh, that deep belly laugh that makes you hurt. I love the way she looks at my Dad, you can tell they are still in love, even if you don't hear those words. The way she can make Costco way more enjoyable astounds me, if we go together I leave much less stressed. How she raised me with the assurance that God exists and Christ, His Son died and rose again for our sins. My Mother-in-law, Sheila: She raised the wonderful man I call my husband, his heart speaks volumes of how he was raised. Her delightful spirit when she is around her family. How she will drop everything if someone is in need. My Grandmother, Joy: She developed my appreciation for art by taking me to museums and looking through books (I think you all know how that fits in). She shares my love for all things European and french. My Grandmother, Beverly: I loved how she made me endless amounts of vests that I loathed wearing, just because she wanted to make me something special. The quilt she handcrafted for me that we sleep with every night and the one she gave me before she died for my future daughter. How she helped develop my love for baking. How we could just sit and chat all day. The amount of dairy that lactose-intolerant woman ate. The legacy she left for my mom and I. My Sister-in-law, Leah: The management of her 5 child household still amazes me. How she can carry an intelligent conversation while 2 of the 5 children are screaming in the background. How she carries herself with beauty, poise, and can still be rough and tumble with her boys. The joy she shares when she is happy for you. My best friend, Bre: How she explains things for her step-son, so he can actually increase his knowledge instead of giving him the easy answer. She encourages me even when she is the one needing the encouragement. Her hair, it is always fabulous. There are so many other qualities I see in these women, these just name a few. Thank to you all, I pray that I can some day be a mother like you too.


Bre said...

Oh, my goodness, Michelle! You totally have me in tears right now!!!

You are such a blessing to so many ... everyone you've listed on this blog post, I know, could list back a hundred things they love about you and ways that you have encouraged & bettered their lives.

You may not be a "mommy" yet, but I know that you are a spiritual mother to those in your life who've been led by the example you've set as a Christian woman & wife. So, happy Mother's Day to you, too, my dear friend. You are such a beautiful, amazing person, both inside and out!!! I love you so very much!

P.S. I think you're the one whose hair is always perfect, by the way ;-)

Andie Johnson said...

What a special post!