So life in the ryker household as been a little crazy lately!! Here is what is going on...

  • We have started demo on our hallway and hall bath..yikes...there is white powder on EVERYTHING!
  • We tore down "sound proof room" in garage
  • From first two items, we have gone to dump at least 3 times and we have a full dumpster in the driveway and could probably go again to the dump.
  • I of course have been working, as usual. Loving the fact that I work in Escondido now and don't fill up my gas tank all the time.
  • Paul is done teaching for the semester.
  • We have planned our 2 summer trips--Backpacking in Big Sur with the Floyd's and Soaking up the 105 degree sun at Lake Mojave with Family.
  • Did I say my house is a mess and I am considering forming a support group for people that remodel and demo their own homes.
  • I have been making TONS of cupcakes. (I am also looking for "investors" to help start a bakery)
  • Planning a west coast reception for friends that are getting married on the east coast.....and guess what, I am making cupcakes.
  • Best of all, I have tomorrow off and get to sleep in.