New Year Resolutions...

Ok, this is coming to you all a little tardy, like 21 days...but oh well here goes....

1. Lose weight This is normally on everyone's list, I know. How many years have I said this? Well, I have gained too much weight, and NO it is not from the holidays. There is one wrench that I wouldn't mind getting thrown into this goal, which would be pregnancy. I can't really make pregnancy a new year resolution, so I am throwing it here.
2. Organize my house Ok, so I know this goal is a little large but I think I can do this, I have a whole year and no kids are surrounding me yet. But wait, I can't stretch this out over a year...we are renting out the room that hoards all my stuff! Ok so that has to be this week. YIKES!
3. Budget Ok so every year we make a budget! Yaaa, for budgets. Divine freedom in them, don't you think??? NOT! I hate this meeting that my husband and I have. SO, on that note....there is a prayer request for y'all (no, I am not turning southern, but have been reading all these blogs by southern authors that say y'all, and it sounds so much cuter than you all) We need to stick to our budget and my argument of "but it was such a great deal or it was so cheap," does not really fly anymore. So I must find contentment, refuge, peace other than in shopping...aack this definitely a prayer request.
4. Reading the word of God together and praying together This is another one that we need prayer for. Paul and I want to be able to do this 5 nights a week (I don't do mornings well, so don't suggest that, please). We have struggled with this just because so many things get in the way.
Ok, so I'll leave the list here. I think these are the key ones, so many more though. I don't want to bore you.


Bre said...

I will definitely be praying for you with ALL of these. I know you know we share a few of the same ... NOT the getting pregnant one, though (lol!!!).

I love you, girl!

Ashley said...

Well, you can lose weight organizing the house! However getting pregnant and gaining weight would definitely be more fun. As for reading more scriptures and budgeting, I'm struggling with those as well!