This place is MY home, oh wait it's not!

Ok, so lately with the economy and all that goes with that (by the way, I am so done talking about the economic situation of our country) we have been discussing what we can do to generate more income, because lets face it, NO ONE is buying art right now (if you want to purchase some let me know, paulryker.com---we except visa, mastercard,discover, amex, paypal, you knew I would push it...)! So we are going to rent out one of our bedrooms and possibly a second if it comes to that, I am trying to convince paul that I need to be gradually moved into this. I have also been fighting it. Ok, I admit it...here I am in a study where I am learning all about...eek...submission and this is one area I am NOT submitting in. So here sits a little girl in front of this computer just wanting to play house. Have her little room where she can sew, have overnight guests, craft and blog. She wants a bedroom that is all pretty. She wants her husband to have his fabulously organized and decorated art studio, etc... AND DON'T FORGET YOU TOUCH MY KITCHEN YOU DIE!!!! But that all changed this afternoon.... God is molding me ladies because today I was listening to the radio minding my own business and it was like I heard Him audibly tell me, "That home is NOT yours, it's mine. I own it, I can take it away, I can let you keep it." I am not saying it is not going to be hard or it is going to be easy, I am just saying my perspective is changing. What an awesome way to serve! Married Couple, Christian. 1 Eccentric Artist, teacher, bathroom re -modeler and 1 crazy banker, baker, house cleaner, blogger. Seeks 1 christian male to rent 1 cozy bedroom with bathroom. They must only eat peanut butter and jelly or top ramen or enjoy someone else cooking for them. just kidding.... well, maybe


Ashley said...

Submission? Ummm, in my book, the one who wears the apron rules the roost. You know though that I am not the submissive type. I may put up with things, but I do not do it in a submissive manner. As for renters... have you worked the whole "what if they are an axe murderer thing with your hubby". Good Luck

Bre said...

You are hillarious, my friend!!! I couldn't do it, I don't think ... So, I respect and admire you for your Christ-like attitude.

I love you SOOO much!!!