Dating Anniversary

I remember this day well 3 years ago. I was a preschool teacher at Light and Life Christian School, My best friend got married the weekend before and was set to return from her honeymoon and I thought I was just going on ANOTHER blind date. I remember how God was shaping me up to this moment. He was preparing me for who? Himself. To use me, a sinner in another man's life. I had no idea that this man, was a man God was preparing for Himself, to use in my life. I had no idea that in just 10 months I would marry this man that God had prepared for me, that he would be my love. The man God has chosen for me to shape and mold me to prepare me to stand before Christ. If you don't know the story of how we met..here goes... My mentor at the time and still, Christina, was determined to find me a husband...my one superficial requirement was that he be tall, so she and her sister set me up with their nephew. Who was tall but not who God had in mind. We have another couple at our church (who turn out to be some of our best friends) who got married the october before we met and Christina had been at the wedding and noticed this man, a groomsman that displayed a marvelous servant heart, she also noticed that he was TALL. So she got to talking with our friends, Rich and Sarah and started hashing out a "plan." Rich quickly intervened, being very smart, "let's not try to trick them into meeting, let's see if they want to meet each other." They talked to Bre making sure it was a good idea(thanks Bre) and Bre being another smart woman sat me next to Christina, Rich and Sarah at her wedding, where Rich very promptly out of blue, "can we have your number so that we can give to our friend." I of course, handed over my number. That was Saturday and on Wednesday, I noticed a phone call from a Paul Rider (I thought he said Rider). I called him Thursday at nap time and we played phone tag. On the message he asked if I would like to do lunch on Saturday. I talked with Debbie at work and she said, "you should suggest the french bakery on Grand." So we talked and Paul said,"I know this great french bakery on Grand, Would you like to go there?"----I think God had that planned---just to make me smile. So the rest is history..... I don't want to bore you with what we talked about....but let's just say it "worked out!" : ) So I am off to eat lunch with my love at the spot we met.


Bre said...

Aw! I love that story!!! What a happy ending :-)