One Frugal Girl's Guide to Survival Edition #1

Disclaimer: I don't know if I can really be described as frugal or that if you are frugal there is a need for survival. Frugal is relative. Now remember, because this what I am told I have to tell myself... "It is not a deal if we can't afford it." Paul Ryker, head of the Ryker household

I make my own laundry soap. click here for recipe
This may sound strange or you may think...does it work? Is it good for HE washers? Does it smell good? Does it really save money? And I can tell you a big fat YES to all these. I splurge on essential oils for the scent and love the lavender variety. I love knowing exactly what I am washing my clothes in and I really think it cleans better and does not leave a grimy residue. Now, I understand you all may be Tide lovers or cannot live without your All. But I bet I can make a believer out of you once you see how much money you are saving.
Note: I use Ivory bar soap and it works great and can usually find it cheaper than Fels-Naptha
I buy some things in bulk.
Keyword is SOME. Costco and I have a love-hate relationship. It is my Indy-500, I time myself to see how fast I get out of there and am going to start making my list by aisle number if they would just stop moving things around, it must be a conspiracy. I have a problem people or maybe it is a good thing. Just know if you ever stay at my house you can be sure I won't run out of toilet paper or pickles. I don't necessarily do all my bulk shopping at Costco. When I say I buy in bulk, I buy a lot of one thing if it is on "killer" sale. For example: my husband's 3-N-1 shampoo is made by Sauve (it is cheap already). But a couple weeks ago it was on sale at the grocery store and I got it for about $.75 ea. So of course I bought 6. Anyway, the moral of the bulk story is shop and hunt, cause when you are trying to cut corners it pays to find the best deals.
OK folks, that's it for edition #1 of this frugal girl's guide to survival. Stay tuned next week for Edition #2. For tomorrow, Chelle's Variation of "Alton Brown's Granola Bars."


Debbie said...

You're back! I knew if I just kept checking I'd be rewarded! Love your post on frugal living, and I can verify that the homemade detergent is awesome, and so easy to make. Looking forward to more of your frugal ideas...keep sharing!


Running out of detergeant...gonna try this!

Michelle said...

you definitely should!