Freedom Food

Freedom from industrially processed food
Commercial Mayo is made with industrialized oils, even the "new" olive oil mayo out on the market is made with just partial olive oil and the rest is soybean oil. Soybean oil is roughly 46% omega-6 fatty acids, a small amount of this fatty acid is great in your diet, but this amount is far greater than you want to be eating. Omega-6 fatty acids can also squash the effects of the excellent omega-3 fatty acids. That's my soapbox...now on to the recipe...
Homemade Mayonnaise ( Don't forget to say it like me, mannaise, it irritates Mr. Ryker) 2 egg yolks*** 3 tbsp fresh lemon juice freshly ground pepper and sea salt to taste 1 cup extra virgin olive oil
Using a whisk, stick blender, or regular blender - combine the egg, lemon juice and salt and pepper and mix until well blended. Mix at low speed if using a blender. Add olive oil a little at a time or in a constant small stream. The ingredients will emulsify and thicken. And...wouldn't some basil be great in this or some garlic or anything really.
I can't remember where I found this recipe (to give credit where credit is due) but it is lovely and you get the satisfaction of home processing your food. I'm dying for some chicken salad with dried cranberries and pecans right about now. Enjoy.
***Disclaimer: Always use FRESH, free range eggs. It is a personal decision to eat raw eggs. Eat at your own risk. \"/