One Frugal GIrl's Guide to Survival #3

Disclaimer: I don't know if I can really be described as frugal or that if you are frugal there is a need for survival. Frugal is relative. Now remember, because this what I am told I have to tell myself... "It is not a deal if we can't afford it." Paul Ryker, head of the Ryker household

We Eat! Our food lifestyle is changing and therefore this frugal girl, is doing a major re-think on her food shopping. I cannot shop the ads anymore for delicious "cheap" meat, because it is cheap in quality. If anyone knows me, they know that I get my ads and scour them for meat to fill my freezer. Not anymore, I only shop now for good quality meat. Grass-fed beef, free range chickens and eggs (they are omnivores like us, they eat veggies and bugs, so I look for that too!), and pastured pork. This is definitely costly, so I am looking for recipes to stretch these meats into multiple meals. It is amazing to me how for all this time I could eat meat without even thinking of what the animals ate. They are a lot like us, in that they need to be healthy, they need a premium food that is right for their diets too. Frugality is relative on this one, definitely. So I will leave you with the old saying, "You are what you eat." and a new twist from Mrs. Ryker, "You are what the food your food eats."