One Frugal Girl's Guide to Survival Edition #2

Disclaimer: I don't know if I can really be described as frugal or that if you are frugal there is a need for survival. Frugal is relative. Now remember, because this what I am told I have to tell myself... "It is not a deal if we can't afford it." Paul Ryker, head of the Ryker household

We "shop" the public library first. I LOVE books, so this one is hard. My dream house would consist of a study with ceiling to floor bookshelves and a chaise lounge right in the middle to read whenever I want to. Oh but my dream is to also have a big family, so I don't think this will be happening. Anyway, for fear of "spider-webbing," I will move to my point. Renting books from the library has saved us so much money, when I remember to turn them in on time. Just recently I stopped myself from spending $50 at Amazon and found the books at the library instead!
In case you want to know what I'm reading... Real Food by Nina Plancke, My Life in France by Julia Child (I actually bought this when it first came out in paperback and am re-reading it), In the Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, To live is Christ by Beth Moore,