Wholesome Recipe of the Week

Yesterday, I made Alton Brown's Granola Bar Recipe and they were fabulous! Chewy, with some good crunch. We had our nephews over so I can tell you that they were "kid tested, and aunt approved."

Chelle's Comments
  • Make sure that you are measuring out everything with a scale. Lots of the reviews talked about how the measurements seemed off and that is because they were not quite accurately measuring everything by hand.
  • You can find wheat germ at Henry's in the cereal aisle. I like the raw wheat germ, since you are already toasting it in this recipe
  • For the dried fruit, I used half Turkish apricots and half dried cranberries.
  • When you add the dried fruit you can add some flax seed meal to give it some extra wholesomeness.
  • Next time, I think I will put in a bigger pan and make longer thinner bars, much like the store bought variety. These were squares and thick. Just remember to adjust the time baked.


Richard said...

I have been constipated lately and those look like a tasty solution.

Michelle said...

at least I know you love me Richie. It's love when your brother even tries to embarrass you by posting on your blog...heck, I'm just proud he actually looked at it.