I'm back...with a Ryker update

So first I must start this post by apologizing for my absence, then again who am I apologizing to....??? Debbie! My former co-worker and friend reads this….So Debbie, I am once again posting. So, let me start again….

Debbie, I must start by apologizing for my absence in the blog-o-sphere and ask that you continue to read my blog, despite my lack of consistency. (by the way did you know Microsoft doesn’t recognize the word blog? One more reason I must switch to Mac.)

Here goes nothing…

Life around Ryker Household is always interesting but has been more interesting with the addition of two others living in our home. We have rented out two of our bedrooms to two ladies. Praise Jesus! So far, there seems to be no tendencies towards being a serial killer or axe murderer, for this I must shout another PRAISE JESUS! They also have stayed away from my Kitchen Aid, which means that they have my seal of approval. (Just so you know even touching the Kitchen Aid is punishable by death.)

I planted my spring garden this month. Paul lovingly built me several raised beds with a couple more coming to plant some items I am receiving in the coming weeks, so this year my plants will hopefully be disease free. Growing in our garden is: Swiss Chard, spinach, onions, tomatoes, cauliflower, celery. I received my potato “seeds” last week, and much to Paul’s dismay they are not seeds at all but mini potatoes. I told him I was aware that they would be small potatoes but they are certified to be disease free and excellent for growing large quantities. He, I think is still convinced I was “ripped off” and couldn’t believe how excited I was to receive a ‘free gift with purchase’ which in fact was another potato seed. I love gifts! It could be a potato or a diamond….these things just make me happy.


Debbie said...

Hooray, you're back! Loved your post! Worth the wait:) Your veggie garden sounds wonderful, Kris has one going now, too. Such industrious women! Hope we can get together soon!


I read too...FYI!

Paul Ryker said...

If I had known that a potato would make you happy, I would have saved several thousand dollars.


Andie Johnson said...

I read too! LOL

I love Paul's comment here!